How Lost Pixel Platform helps Adverity to run 1m visual tests per month

Dima Ivashchuk

Dima Ivashchuk

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Adverity is the integrated data platform for connecting, managing, and using your data at scale. As Adverity scales, ensuring high-quality and comprehensive good-looking UI becomes vital. Visual Regression Testing is one of the fastest and easiest methods of testing aimed at ensuring a consistent & error-free UI. The Adverity team faced a unique set of challenges when it came to Visual Tests:

  • Running million of visual tests monthly, requiring a fast and efficient tool for CI/CD pipelines that is affordable

  • Managing a large monorepo codebase, necessitating native monorepo support

  • Catering to diverse visual testing needs, including testing the design systems, full pages with all the components integrated together, and end-to-end test results coming from Cypress & Playwright

  • Collaborating within a large team responsible for managing and maintaining tests

Lost Pixel Platform: A Scalable Solution for Visual Regression Testing

The Lost Pixel Platform is a cutting-edge visual regression testing solution tailored to address the specific challenges faced by Adverity and other large organizations that need to scale their visual tests and not break the bank. It offers a range of features that cater to Adverity's unique requirements, ensuring streamlined processes and robust testing.

At this stage, Adverity is running ~1.5 million visual tests per month on Lost Pixel Platform - let's explore what features of the platform the team finds appealing and how they leverage those to achieve their goals.

Efficient CI/CD Pipeline Integration

Lost Pixel Platform's fast and automated visual regression testing allows Adverity to run millions of tests monthly within their CI/CD pipelines. This efficiency enables the Adverity team to maintain high-quality standards across their product without compromising on speed.

Native Monorepo Support

The platform provides native support for monorepos, making it an ideal choice for Adverity's extensive codebase. This feature allows the team to manage and maintain their tests efficiently, ensuring consistency and organization. Adverity leverages nx to ensure there is no minute wasted on unnecessary builds on the CI and Lost Pixel offers useful hooks to adapt to this on the platform side.

Flexible Visual Testing Options

Lost Pixel Platform accommodates diverse visual testing needs, from design systems with Storybook stories to full-page and end-to-end Cypress test results. This flexibility ensures that Adverity can comprehensively test all aspects of its product, catching visual regressions early in the development process.

Enhanced Collaboration Capabilities

The Lost Pixel Platform offers collaboration tools such as comments, change rejection and integration with Slack and GitHub notifications. These features facilitate seamless communication and collaboration within Adverity's large development team, ensuring that all front-end developers can manage and maintain tests effectively.

Lost Pixel + Adverity: A Partnership for Success

Adverity's adoption of the Lost Pixel Platform has led to substantial benefits and increased confidence in the visual part of Adverity offering across all boards of products:

  • Greater Efficiency: Lost Pixel's fast and automated testing allows Adverity to run millions of tests monthly, maintaining high-quality standards across their product without sacrificing speed.

  • Improved Monorepo Management: Native monorepo support streamlines the management and maintenance of Adverity's extensive codebase, ensuring consistency and organization of frontend components

  • Holistic visual testing: The platform's flexible testing options cater to diverse visual testing needs, enabling Adverity to catch visual regressions early in the development process by following Holistic Visual Regression Testing approach.

  • Seamless Team Collaboration: Enhanced collaboration features allow Adverity's frontend developers to efficiently manage and maintain tests, fostering a cohesive and effective development environment.

By leveraging the Lost Pixel Platform, Adverity has effectively addressed its unique testing challenges, ensuring a consistent and high-quality user experience across its product.

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