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How & Why we built lost-pixel

Lost Pixel's Story

Lost Pixel was born from the real-world challenges faced by two engineers, Chris and Dima, at Adverity. In our daily work, we constantly grappled with the complexities of ensuring visual consistency in web applications. The available tools just weren't cutting it – they were either too rigid or lacked essential features. Not even mention absurd enterprise pricing and poor support.

So, in a classic tale of necessity breeding invention, we created Lost Pixel. It started as an open-source project, a solution forged from our own needs and experiences. It wasn't long before Lost Pixel gained traction beyond our immediate team, proving its worth as a practical, time-saving tool for modern frontend teams.

By 2024, Lost Pixel had evolved significantly. Recognising its potential to serve a broader audience, especially in enterprise environments, we transformed it into a SaaS product. This shift was about scaling our solution to meet the growing demands of the industry, ensuring that teams could maintain high standards of visual quality in their software products.

About Us

We are just two ordinary guys living in Vienna, enjoying open-source & having more than 30 years cummulative experience in building stuff in the internet

As the creators of Lost Pixel, we're not just developers; we're active users and advocates of our product. Our background at Adverity of testing millions of screenshots per month has given us a unique perspective on the challenges faced by engineers in maintaining visual integrity in web applications and allowed us to kickstart our expertise into a product.

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