Loki.js vs Lost Pixel

Lost Pixel is a great modern open-source alternative to Loki.js

Lost Pixel is a fresher open-source alternative to Loki.js and similar competitors.

Lost Pixel being open-source at its core provides a cloud platform to offer convenient UI to review changes while still maintaining the flexibility and DX offered by Loki.

Lost Pixel rocks component library testing

Lost Pixel has first class support for Storybook/Ladle/Histoire meaning you can set up visual testing for your Design System or Component Library as easy as:

import { CustomProjectConfig } from 'lost-pixel';

export const config: CustomProjectConfig = {
  storybookShots: {
    storybookUrl: './storybook-static',

Lost Pixel is holistic but easy

With Lost Pixel you can test your whole project visually in a single run combining your Storybook tests, Next.js pages tests as well as your E2E Playwright tests in a single Lost Pixel Build

Lost Pixel is monorepo ready

It is really easy to setup Lost Pixel with monorepo, and by easy we really mean it! Want to see how changes in your Design System visually influence your product code - look no further than Lost Pixel monorepo mode.

Lost Pixel core is OSS

We care far more about your success with visual testing than earning money so we do everything to ensure your builds are cached, your setup is optimal & you end up using exact amount of montly screenshots that fits your team needs. If it is still too expensive - you can run core Lost Pixel free in open-source mode.

Compare LostPixel vs. Loki.js

FeatureLokiLost Pixel
Screenshots in free plan-✅ 7,000
Starting Price-✅ $100/mo
Additional Snapshots-✅ $0.006/screenshot
Screenshots in basic paid plan-✅ 40,000
Holistic setup (multiple sources runs)
Collaborative visual review
Enterprise level support for all customer tiers
First class Storybook
Cross-browser support
Multiple viewport support
Sensitivity thresholds
ParallelismMax X parallelMax possible

Want to migrate from Loki.js to Lost Pixel

Migration from Loki to Lost Pixel usually takes not so long as we integrate directly with Storybook.

Try it out here:

Lost Pixel platform

We offer free consultations & migration assistance for anybody migrating from Loki to Lost Pixel. Just set up a call with one of our founders so we can learn more about your challenges!

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